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OlloClip 4-in1 clip-on lens for iPhone

  • 5 years ago
  • Rated 4.2 by WTG
  • $69.99

The great thing about this nifty little clip-on gizmo is that it offers wider lens views, meaning you can get more of the subject in a shot. And the fisheye lense, with approximately 180-degree view and classic barrel distortion, instantly makes any picture look more fun.

olloclip-iphone-lens-1a6b_600.0000001386313212_ So what are the four lenses?

  • Wide Angle
  • 10 x Macro
  • Fisheye
  • 15x Macro

olloclip-iphone-clip-on-camera-540x334_In the box you also receive lens caps and a micro-fibre carry pouch that acts as a lens cleaner. The gadget is well built and very high quality. This is a great addition to anyone who doesn’t want to lug around there DSLR every time they leave their hotel. This gadget also supports video but there have been unfortunate reports of it blocking the microphone slightly on the iPhone 5/5s meaning background noise is sometimes present during recording. However this item is mainly used for still shorts and does that job surprisingly well.



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